Digital Bash Cyber Security

I had the pleasure speaking at the Digital Bash webinar series – the self proclaimed “largest web conference in the digital industry”. I, of course, had the chance speaking about the importance of password security in companies. This time though I tried having a little more focus on what secure passwords actually are – how long or complex should they be? Did you know that the average password is 9.5 digits long? And that if you know the most used 10 million passwords, you already know more than 50% of ALL passwords in use?

The solution is, as it is so often, a password manager. And please forget solutions like sentences for passwords in which you only use the first digit of every word. You can’t remember one or two dozen of them … so even the German BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) comes to the conclusion that a password manager is the solution.

This and many more interesting details and facts at the Digital Bash:

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