I have been an enthusiastic podcast listener for several years. Now, some might be wondering again, “What is a podcast?” A podcast is an audio piece that can be subscribed to and obtained over the internet. The creators of these works upload them to the internet, and they can usually be subscribed to via RSS feeds. For example, Apple iTunes supports the automatic subscription and download of podcasts. However, it’s essential to understand that subscribing is more of a technical term than an actual “subscription” because the vast majority of podcasts are free.

The name “podcast” is a portmanteau of the product name “iPod” (as a synonym for the digital nature—mostly mp3) and the English word “broadcast” (for distribution).

Discussing precisely what types of podcasts exist would be a Sisyphean task because there is a podcast in nearly every language and on almost every topic. There are podcasts that include music, funny content, sad stories, and serious discussions. Many TV and radio stations offer their shows as podcasts, just as private individuals can provide podcasts—all equally side by side. The length of the episodes can vary from a few seconds or minutes to several hours.

What sets podcasts apart is that you can listen to them whenever you want. You can pause them and continue later or skip episodes that aren’t interesting. This is different from traditional broadcasting, where you have to consume whatever is currently being broadcast. Some podcasts also offer a live stream during the moment they are produced. They often provide a chat where listeners can influence the show or forums with feedback options.

To listen to podcasts, you don’t necessarily need an Apple product (iTunes, iPhone, iPod, etc.) but just an MP3 player or a computer. There are plenty of clients available on the internet for this purpose.

To make it easier to get into podcast listening, here’s a more in-depth explanation of podcasting by Tim “Mr. Podcast himself” Pritlove.

And to have something to listen to right away, here are some of my favorite podcasts:

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