About Me

Hey there!

I’m a Principal Solutions Consultant, Technical Presales, Systems Engineer, and Manager of an EMEA wide team of Solutions Consultants, bringing over 19 years of experience in the exciting world of SaaS and Cloud. My mission? Connecting the dots between your business challenges that keep you up at night and the software solutions I’ve got up my sleeve to give you a serious business boost.

My journey started with online meetings, remote support, enterprise file sharing, and remote access. Even before that, I dabbled in developing both front- and backend components for B2B websites and tackled hard- and software support. Right now, I’m all about Password- and Identity Management, focusing on large enterprise customers across DACH, Benelux, and UK/I.

In my career, I’ve rocked projects introducing cloud and hybrid software to leading enterprises in EMEA, sealing the deal on many flagship projects. It takes a combo of customer-facing skills, a solution-oriented mindset, and some project management wizardry.

Outside my tech bubble, I’m an eco-warrior fighting climate change, especially as it hits close to home – I’m a scuba diver witnessing reef destruction and climate change impacts firsthand. If you’re curious about that side of me, check out my Dive-Blog at BlogBu.ch (it’s in German).

I do my part to fight environmental pollution, mainly by reducing my family’s carbon footprint through electric vehicles, public transport, green energy at home and in my home office, a photovoltaic system, and more. There’s a lot to share about this journey, so expect some blog posts!

Since becoming a homeowner in 2020, home automation and improvement have joined my list of hobbies. It’s not only fun but helps us drastically cut down on the energy needed to run and heat our house.

I’m always staying current with the latest science and tech developments, indulging in programming websites, blogging, computers, the internet, and all things tech. I also love engaging in discussions on a wide range of topics.

As for addictions, motorsports – especially Formula One, but also Formula E, DTM, Rallye, ADAC GT Masters, and Long Distance Races – has a special place in my heart. To get my hands dirty in motorsports, I actively race electric Remote Controlled Cars on 1/10th and 1/8th scale.

Beyond all these techy and sporty adventures, I’m a proud dad to a 7-year-old daughter, a loving husband to the best wife on the planet, share my home with two cats, and enjoy exploring the world while tuning into a variety of podcasts.

Stick around for more exciting updates and stories from my diverse world!

If you like to get in touch, connect on LinkedIn or send me an email.

Cheers, Peter