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I am pleased to provide you with an exclusive preview of an upcoming article that I had the honor and chance to publish in the newspaper Handelsblatt: “From Password to Passkey: The Gradual Password Revolution towards a Passwordless Future”.

It sheds light on the rapidly growing significance of passwordless authentication and the evolving role of passkeys in this revolution, and emphasizes that 79% of all data breaches are attributed to compromised login credentials. This underscores the urgent need to move away from traditional passwords. Overall, 92% of IT professionals view passkeys as essential in reducing these risks.

However, the shift to passwordless access following the FIDO2 standard will take years, if not decades, during which passwords and passkeys will coexist.

As a solution, password managers are highlighted as ideal companions during this transitional period. They not only provide a secure storage location for both passkeys and passwords, as long as the transitional period is not completed, but also enable seamless access across different devices, browsers, and operating systems, offering centralized user and access management, as well as the option to share passwords and passkeys.

A notable player in this field is LastPass, a leader in password management and passwordless authentication who is eager to embark on this fascinating journey from passwords to passkeys and explore the innovative solutions that promise us a more secure digital future. Read the full article in Handelsblatt for an in-depth analysis and insights into the gradual password revolution or download the shortened LastPass-alone version here.

Many thanks to Handelsblatt for the opportunity to publicize this article and to be part of such a brilliant publication.

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