Unveiling the Unspoken: 5 Truths about Electric Vehicles No one talks about

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive technology and the increase of focus on decarbonization, the spotlight often shines on the well-known benefits of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) – environmental sustainability and carbon dioxide emissions. Yet, amidst the familiar hum of these advantages, there exists a symphony of lesser-known perks, quietly enhancing the driving experience for those who choose to make the electrifying switch. In my previous blog posts (here and here) I already debunked some myths around BEVs and described my own personal experiences buying a Tesla.

In this blog post, I want to embark on a journey beyond the usual narratives, delving into the shadows to uncover the ten not-so-often talked about benefits of driving a battery electric vehicle. From the unexpected joys of reduced maintenance costs to the environmental ripple effect of renewable energy integration, join us as we unveil the hidden gems that make BEVs not just a mode of transportation but a futuristic paradigm shifting the gears of our everyday lives. Buckle up as we explore the roads less traveled and discover the surprises that await those who embrace the electric revolution:

1: Fun

Embracing the future of transportation has never been more exhilarating than behind the wheel of an electric car. Picture this: a seamless surge of instant torque propelling you forward, and a driving experience so smooth it feels like gliding on a cloud. The joys of driving an electric car extend far beyond the absence of engine noise. It’s about the thrill of acceleration that comes the moment you touch the accelerator, delivering a rush of power that’s not only quick but feels utterly seamless. No more waiting for the engine to rev up or a gearbox that has to downshift – it’s an instant connection between your foot and the road. The power and torque of an electric vehicle cannot be compared to gas powered cars. It is instant and it never gets boring! 😉

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Electric vehicles redefine the driving experience with innovative features like one-pedal driving. Lift off the accelerator, and regenerative braking kicks in, smoothly slowing down the car while simultaneously recharging the battery. It’s a dance of efficiency and enjoyment, making every stop sign and traffic light an opportunity to recapture energy. The future of fun on the road is electric, where the journey becomes as thrilling as the destination, and the driving experience is not just eco-friendly but an absolute joy ride.

2: Cost

Say goodbye to the days of frequent trips to the gas station and the endless cycle of oil changes – the electric car revolution comes not just with a green conscience but also a significantly lighter financial burden. One of the most compelling aspects of owning an electric car is the substantially lower operating costs. The cost per kilometer for electricity is often a fraction of the cost of traditional gasoline, providing a budget-friendly alternative for daily commuting.

My real-world example: We drove about 30,000 km with two BEVs over the last 12 months, which resulted in an electric bill of approximately €1,900 – which sounds like a lot at first – until you compare it to the gas bill. With 30,000 km driven and a gas price of €1.86 (the average gas price in Germany in 2023), it would have cost me €3,348 – a whopping €1,450, which is 75% more! And keep in mind, this calculation is based on a relatively low gas price at the end of 2023 and a very high initial kWh price at the beginning of the year!

Beyond the pump or charger, the maintenance savings of electric vehicles are a game-changer. Traditional internal combustion engines are complex machines with numerous moving parts, fluids and oils, requiring frequent maintenance and replacements. Electric cars, on the other hand, boast a simpler design with fewer components prone to wear and tear. With no need for oil changes, fewer brake replacements due to regenerative braking, and a generally lower risk of mechanical issues, electric vehicles pave the way for a hassle-free and cost-effective ownership experience. The future of driving isn’t just electric; it’s an economical journey that redefines the very notion of operating and maintaining a vehicle.

Again my real world example: My Tesla has no regular service intervals except for replacing the brake fluids every 4 years.

Ironically this also is the reason why Teslas fail so often at MOT inspections. The fact that they just never see a garage or a mechanic who could point out problems beforehand also has the risk that some damages or wear isn’t noticed until then.

3: Comfort:

Gone are the days of noisy engines, fumbling with gear shifts, and the vibrations that come with traditional internal combustion vehicles. Driving an electric car is a delightful symphony of tranquility and comfort. The absence of a roaring engine creates a serene cabin ambiance, allowing drivers to savor a peaceful and stress-free ride. The gentle hum of electric motors not only enhances the driving experience but also contributes to a significant reduction in noise pollution in urban environments. Envision yourself effortlessly gliding down the road, cocooned in a soothing atmosphere – that’s the serenity electric car drivers experience on a daily basis.

4: Additional Features

One little talked about fact about BEVs is, that their heating and their cooling always work – whether you are driving or not. This means that you can pre-heat your car every morning, let it remove snow and ice, before you depart from home. The moment you step in your car you enter a well tempered cozy environment.

Same in the summer. No matter if you are parking at home, at a store or at a lake. If you want to return to your car, you can check the temperature inside and let the car cool down before you get there. This greatly increases comfort and stress.

And, of course, some Tesla specifics: The “temperature hold” or also “dog mode” helps, if you want to leave your Kid in the car if you want to go groceries shopping. Well, most of the time our daughter wants to stay in the car to have some additional screen time – but it also reduces stress during shopping. The car comfortably holds the pre-set temperature inside – no matter if it is hot or cold outside making sure the little one has a blast of a time watching her beloved series.

5: Charging

No, I do not want to dive in into range anxiety discussions. Modern BEVs have more than enough range to cope with well over 90% of daily trips and commutes without the need to stop and charge anywhere. And this is also where the benefit of having an BEV kicks in! If you have the opportunity to charge at home (which I know, not everyone currently has and this is a change in society we have to push for), then you start your trip or commute every day with a fully charged battery. Even more so, you can have the luxury to only charge it up to 80% to extend the lifetime of the battery (something modern batteries do not need anymore). So, there is no need to drive to a fuel pump in your daily routine anymore. You car is ALWAYS full when you leave the house!

Then, let’s talk about charging stops while driving longer distances. There’s no denying that they can be annoying at times. Of course, we would all love to “fill the tank” in a few minutes and hit the road again. It would be fantastic to zoom to Munich or Hamburg at over 200 km/h without worrying about fuel because a quick top-up is all it takes. But here’s the thing: charging doesn’t actually take as long as many people believe. Moreover, you don’t always have to fully charge your vehicle at every stop. Most of the time, adding another 10 or 20% to the battery is enough to get you home. This takes about the same amount of time as refueling an ICE car and maybe taking a bathroom break.

Furthermore, many of the charging stations being built nowadays offer a delightful experience! Take, for instance, the Seed & Greet Ladepark in Hilden, the Sortimo Innovationspark Zusmarshausen, or the stunning Supercharger Beckenried in Switzerland directly at the Vierwaldstätter See. These stations provide a relaxing environment to take a break and unwind during a long drive. They offer the chance to slow down and mentally recharge from a stressful day on the road. In fact, these stops often encourage you to take much-needed breaks and enjoy the surroundings. Many times, I’ve ended up charging more than necessary simply because I wasn’t ready to leave yet. Whether it’s savoring a hot cup of coffee, indulging in delicious food, or admiring the view, these stops can turn into pleasant experiences. So, they don’t always have to be seen in a negative light, even though they might inconvenience you when you’re in a hurry.


In the fast-evolving world of automotive tech, the focus on battery electric vehicles (BEVs) often centers on sustainability and reduced emissions. However, our exploration beyond the mainstream narrative unveils a realm of lesser-known joys. Previous blog posts dispelled myths and shared personal BEV experiences, paving the way for a deeper dive.

Driving an electric car is a celebration of joy, cost savings, and unparalleled comfort. From instant acceleration thrills to the soothing quietude of electric motors, the journey becomes an electrifying joy ride. Financially, it’s a win with lower operating costs, reduced maintenance, and potential incentives. The future of driving isn’t just eco-conscious; it’s about relishing each moment on the road while redefining vehicle ownership. As you embark on your electric journey, savor the hidden gems, enjoy the ride, and join the growing community finding joy in the electrifying future.

Buckle up for the road ahead – it promises to be an unforgettable adventure.

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