The Skeptics

I would like to briefly introduce “The Skeptics” to you. They have helped me see things more clearly and question them in a “skeptical” way several times in the past. However, being a skeptic does not mean being a scientist or a know-it-all. I understand it as a mindset to question things and break them down to their core components. Why is it like that? Where does it come from? How can it be? Asking the right questions often makes all the difference.

An example:

If someone asks a skeptic, “Are there 100-meter tall green aliens on Mars,” they will never answer “no.” It simply cannot be proven that there are none. However, this can be supported by probabilities, indicating that there is almost certainly no chance of large green aliens being there.

On the other hand, the question “Does gravity exist” can confidently be answered with “Yes.” Also, the question of whether the light in the refrigerator goes out when you close the door.

Being a skeptic is, therefore, primarily a personal attitude, and initially, it does not require any organization. Nevertheless, there is the GWUP e.V. (Society for the Scientific Investigation of Parasciences). They maintain a website, a blog, a newsletter, and a print magazine on dead trees. The GWUP is an association that aims to inform about parasciences and promote skeptical thinking. Visit their website and find out more. Membership, of which I am not one, is not necessary to come across a wealth of interesting information.

I will introduce more skeptical websites and blogs in the future. So, stay tuned!

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